Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rants Vegans Should (Never) Say

Following is a list of things I drunkenly wish I could say to people and somewhat feel I should be able to.  Being in the minority but feeling as though you're on a moral baseline that most people agree to in spirit, but not in practice, is frustrating.  No, I wouldn't say any of this to someone, but, yes, I think I should be able to.  Publicly shaming a slave owner in this day and age would be accepted and you'd have the support of the majority.  Publicly shaming someone for letting the exact same and worse happen to an animal - as long as it's not a dog or cat - is unacceptable.  So this is me venting out all the things I wish I could say:

No, we don't mind if you eat that in front of us, just as you won't mind us showing you a video detailing how that animal most likely lived and died as you eat it - yes, that includes your beloved cheese.  Sorry, but it is comparable because that IS what we see when we see animal products.

If you feel you have to justify your nonvegan ways to a vegan and hate them for it, it's probably because you know it's wrong and feel the need to tell yourself it's okay by hearing your irrational rationale out loud.

If you feel like: free world, we all have choices...good for you.  But you forget that animals have the ability to think and feel.  No one asked them what their choice is.  They do not 'give' their lives to us; we take them.  They cry tears and tremble with fear while waiting in line to be slaughtered; even after we made their lives miserable, they still want to live.

If you think, as a human, you have some god- or Darwin-given right to exploit another being because we're the special chosen ones who won the food chain, reflect for a moment on how similar that argument is to the use of slaves or oppression of women and homosexuals.  Get over ourselves.  God gave us compassion.  And that leads me to...

Old Testament bible thumpers.  Yeah, if you do everything the bible tells you, then you're a fucking liar.  The golden rule is what again?  Do unto OTHERS as you would have done onto you.  Look a pig in the eye and tell me that he's not an other.  Better yet, look your dog or cat in the eye and tell me that.  Then tell me how it's so barbaric that people eat dog in some parts of the world.  And THEN tell me how that's any different from eating a pig, which is smarter than your dog or cat.

The thing is, there's hundreds of very logical arguments.  People don't like to hear it because people don't like to change or feel like they're bad people.  There's a name for it actually; it's called 'carnism'.  It's basically a philosophy that explains how a group of people do something against their true core belief systems by hiding it and making it seem normal, natural and necessary - all of which the life and 'harvest' of animal agriculture is not.  Well, at least that's what I interpreted it as.  But here's the coiner of the word to explain it to you if you're interested.

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